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As a national Rooftop Antenna Site Management Company, we at ASM create revenue opportunities for property owners by marketing, managing, and developing revenue programs for their rooftops.

Let us represent your buildings, and you will never view your rooftops the same.

About us


ASM’s goal as an antenna site management and leasing company is to represent the best interests of the client/property owner while maintaining the best relationships with our Wireless Carriers customers. This means giving your sites the best opportunity to achieve substantial incremental revenue through the leasing of underutilized rooftop space to high quality telecommunications tenants. Real estate owners now have a wide range of opportunities to increase the value of their properties, by engaging us to actively manage their properties for rooftop telecommunications revenue. Let us show you how!


Excellent! Let us Program Manage your existing rooftop management business. Do all those modification requests have you stressed out? We process each one and look for additional revenue opportunities for you.

We will inventory and abstract your leases, collect and monitor your rent payments, we can track your insurance certificates, as well as market your sites for additional co-location opportunities.

Let us do the rest!

Contact us so we can gather the needed information to prepare a concise Rooftop Management and Marketing Agreement. Once you decide to "list" your properties with us, ASM will effectively market your rooftop to the wireless community. We will work diligently to bring you the rooftop revenue opportunities you desire. You reserve the right to select or reject the offers we bring you, accepting only those you see as beneficial. We not only market your facilities, but we also stay with you each step of the way. We help negotiate the agreements with Carriers, review plans, perform a post installation inspection and collect revenues each month. In fact, we guide you all the way through lease renewal and beyond. ASM allows you focus on what you do best -- your core business. ASM has unmatched expertise in all areas key to representing your interests. Our marketing service is 100% performance based, which means we do not get paid unless we create new revenue for you.


American Site Management


American Site Management is a leading rooftop management and marketing company dedicated to representing the best interests of our clients. By managing and leasing our clients’ rooftops to wireless communication carriers, we create opportunities for a new, reliable revenue stream for them.

The explosion of wireless communication usage is expected to continue for years to come. ASM helps real estate owners secure their share of those profits by turning underutilized rooftop space into a new source of revenue.


American Site Management lets you focus on what you do best – your core business. Meanwhile, we are out there making contacts and marketing your site to wireless providers around the country. You reserve the right to accept only those offers which you find the most beneficial. Our clients typically receive from $2,000 to over $3,000 per month in rental receipts per lease per month. How does that compare to what your rooftop is currently generating?


American Site Management can help you find the ideal locations to help with your network deployment.

We Offer:

  • Speed to Market. Getting approvals fast.
  • Reasonable Rent and Term Expectations.
  • Experienced Team of Professionals


Stretch your budgets by engaging us to find rooftop sites within your issued search rings. No Site Acquisition Fees and we identify willing and eager property owners who are interested in getting deals done quickly and reasonably. Benefits include:

  • No Site Acquisition Fees.
  • Speed to Market.
  • No Hassles with Uncooperative Owners that don’t understand your business model.

  • We quickly leverage our experience in working with Landlords to identify suitable sites for your approval.
  • ASM leases approved sites using your Site License Agreements.


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